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MyStressTools helps you understand the root causes of your stress and gives you the tools you need to rise to the challenge of living well in a sometimes stressful world.

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Why You Need MyStressTools

Stress can rob you of sleep, energy, joy, productivity, and most importantly, your good health. Sometimes it happens so gradually we're not even aware of it. MyStressTools reverses this trend by bringing awareness to the problem and directs you on your way toward health and well-being.

Dr. Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence

Learn the basic strategies for handling stress with emotional intelligence by becoming aware of your emotions, self-regulating your emotions and recognizing and empathizing with the emotions of others.


Everything you need to build resilience and manage stress.

Stress Profiler
Think of this tool as your stress thermometer.

Daily Journal
Unlock the door to stress awareness.

Brain Training
Start thinking clearly.

Watch to learn or watch to relax.

Find peace of mind through music and meditation.

Gain insight into your stress.

Listen to the experts.

Read all about living well.

Q & As
Hear the experts answer your questions.

Dr. David Katz

Mastering Stress

Let the Director of Yale University Prevention research Center answer your questions about stress. Find out why stress is a MAJOR risk factor for heart disease and the link between stress and depression. Find out how stress causes high blood pressure, and even how eating chocolate can lower your stress, and exactly how much coffee you can drink before it makes you jittery and keeps you awake at night.


Breathe deeply at the office.

“I use the Lemon Squeeze technique I learned watching Yoga@Work everyday at my office.”

Melissa Harrell, Google
Dr. Rubin Naiman

Sleep Hygiene

Learn how to set the stage for getting a good night’s sleep. And learn why just following this advice is not always enough to make it happen.

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